Holiday Mala Making Workshop w/ Christine
5:00 PM17:00

Holiday Mala Making Workshop w/ Christine

Join Christine De La Torre for a Holiday Mala Making workshop. Enjoy a gentle yoga class and meditation, followed by an intention setting Mala Making workshop. Christine will guide you on how to make a traditional 108 beaded Mala for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season. Refreshments provided. 

December 3rd: 5p-7p


Please RSVP by November 29th

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2nd Year Anniversary Party : Willow G is 2!
6:00 PM18:00

2nd Year Anniversary Party : Willow G is 2!

We are turning 2! These last 2 years have been a joy and an honor to lead and guide you through your yoga journey. Thank you for being apart of this very special and unique community of Buda. Join us as we Celebrate in Gratitude at Nate's on NOVEMBER 15th. 

Ribbon Cutting at 6:00pm at Willow Gardens 

DRINKS* APPETIZERS * LIVE MUSIC at Nate's to follow 7p- ......?!?!?!? 


6:30pm class cancelled. See you at the party! 

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Holiday BINGO Yoga Challenge
to Nov 16

Holiday BINGO Yoga Challenge

  • Willow Gardens Hot Yoga (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Jump Start your Holiday Season with a FUN Holiday Bingo Yoga challenge. Pick up your Bingo card at the studio to play along. 

Monday October 16- Thursday November 16th 2017 

30 Days- Come play along and practice yoga with us.

Bingo Cards : $25 - Members or unlimited students

If you are not a member or on an unlimited Pass and you want to join the challenge: 

You must buy a unlimited membership  or an unlimited PASS + PLUS the BINGO card. 

You can play along with a 10 class pass- or 1 month unlimited. 


If you get a Straight solid line: RECEIVE 5% off ALL RETAIL

If you get a "T": RECEIVE 10% OFF all RETAIL 

If you get "X" : RECEIVE 15% off ALL RETAIL 

If you get a BLACK OUT : RECEIVE 20% off ALL RETAIL 


Happy Holidays


Challenge will end with our 2nd year anniversary party at NATE'S on NOV 15th 5p-10pm 

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Women's Health & Wellness Weekend Workshop
to Aug 13

Women's Health & Wellness Weekend Workshop

  • Willow Gardens Hot Yoga (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join Cultivate Acupuncture and Willow Gardens Hot Yoga for a 2 day Women's Wellness and Health Workshop. We will discuss nutrition, eating within the season. We will explore breath work and meditation. We will have a community acupuncture session, both days, given for your specific health needs, given by Natasha Renee. AND 1 hour gentle flow yoga class with Ash Willow. 

SATURDAY 12:30pm- 4:30pm 

SUNDAY 12:30pm- 2:30PM 

Both days Included. Must attend both days. 

MEMBER: $110                Non- Member : $140 

PRE- Register by July 31- GET 10 %0ff

Must register by August 4th. 

Limited spaces available 

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Bikram Breakdown
to Jul 1

Bikram Breakdown

Join Ash Willow, owner and director of Willow Gardens Hot Yoga and Bikram Certified, for a 5 week Intensive breakdown of the HOT 26 class. We will explore the foundations of the sequence, discuss the alignment and technique of each posture, explore variations for your body, discuss the medical benefits of the unique system, and discover how you can change your life with a daily practice. 


Week 1: Breathing, Half-moon, Chair pose

Week 2: Balancing Poses 

Week 3: Backbends

Week 4: forward folds 

Week 5: Sit-ups, savasana, Stretching poses

Join us for all 5 weeks this SUMMER: 

$140 Member Price all five weekends included 

$160 Non-Member price, all five weekends. 


Or just DROP -IN one weekend and discover the benefits of this amazing yoga. 

$35 Member Price- drop- in rate

$40 Non- member Price drop-in rate


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Dragonfly Thai Presents: Root, Ground, Center, Rise
1:00 PM13:00

Dragonfly Thai Presents: Root, Ground, Center, Rise

On Earth Day, 4/22/2017 we will come together as a community to celebrate Connection, creativity & collaboration. Dragonfly Thai Presents: Root, Ground, Center, Rise: a time for playful partner yoga, Therapeutic AcroYoga, Thai Massage, Partner Meditation, and Guided Tonglen Music Meditation. 



$25 Members 

$35 Non- Members 


Limited spots available. We will partner up, or bring your partner, family or friends. All levels Welcome. 


$40 at the door, anyone. (if there is space) 


#PartnerYoga #Emergence #Unfoldment #DragonflyThai #WildSoul #SamyamaYoga #YogaofPresence #WillowGardensYoga #TongLen #KumNye #MettaMeditation #ThaiYoga #PartnerMeditation #Sobet #TransformSuffering #PartnerGazing #AcroYoga #AcroTherapeutics #ALanguageBeforeWords #Aparigraha #EyeGazing #LoveInAction #CommUnity #WeBeLongToEachOther


Partner Yoga is an exploration of "the language before words" where we get curious about how good touch and the combination of surrender (allowing) and resistance (engagement) can create an interplay that improves our understanding of poses, the somatic intelligence of our own bodies, and the accelerated learning that happens when we work together.



Play is divine.  Neuro-biology, social-psychology, and somatic therapies have just started asking some really important questions about the ways we are wired for connection and adaptability.  We'll investigate topics related to how we connect, play, and interact that drive our mood, affect, and experience.  An embodied, playful practice is good medicine.  We'll investigate contact and get curious about:

* What does support look like?

* What kind of connection?

* How does my "no" make my "yes" better?

* What is good touch?

* How does Partner work inform the Practice?

* How do these elements of traditional yoga change when engaging w/ a partner? * And how does this translate into my life and the way I relate?


All levels welcome.  This is a great way to allow partners, couples, friends and families to engage that supports beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.


Here's to Us!


Elements: All-levels welcome.  Asana (Partner Poses), Pranayama (Partner Breath Work), Pratyahara (Sense Perception) Dharana (Single Pointed Concentration), Dhyana (Partner Meditation)



Learning to Ground & Center Yourself Before Engaging

Partner Yoga Poses for Activating Deep Body Intelligence

AcroYoga Therapeutics (Safety, Stacking, Communication, Poses, Play)

Thai Massage (Basics & Sequencing)

Tuning In to Natural (Embodied) Intuition through Partner Yoga Practices

TongLen (Giving & Receiving) Meditation

Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation


Elements: All-levels welcome.  Asana (Partner Poses), Pranayama (Partner Breath Work), Pratyahara (Sense Perception) Dharana (Single Pointed Concentration), Dhyana (Partner Meditation)


Related References

This offering is great for teachers, bodyworkers, healers, and those who want to deepen their yoga practice as well.  For reference, the following topics will be addressed through presentation, discussion, handouts, and references.

- Drishti (Attention, Point of Focus)

- Mauna (Silence, Cultivating Presence)

- Aparigraha (non-clutching, holding the butterfly lightly, allowing, grace)

- A-himsa (non-harming, self, others)

- Satya (truth-telling, self, others) - Satyagraha **

- Metta (loving-kindness)

- Mudra (wisdom & compassion)

- Sobet (Eye Gazing)

- Chakras for Partner Work

- Heart Palms

- Third Eye Butterfly

- Vissudha (Third Ear)

- Hridaye citta samvit (The Cave of the Heart)

- Tonglen (Giving & Receiving)

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BUTI Bliss and MOON Magic
4:00 PM16:00

BUTI Bliss and MOON Magic

Join Malia Scott for an evening happy hour of BUTI Bliss followed by a deep stretch and receive your personalized moon transit and progressed reading. 

In astrology, the moon reflects your deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious. Progressed moon readings give us insight to where we can grow and mature. 

(Email your exact birth month/day/year, time and location with BUTI Bliss Moon Reading - "Willow Hot" in the subject line.)


Pre-reg by ARPIL 5th.

$35 for Non- WGHY Members

$30 for WGHY Members 

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2nd Annual Spring Hike to Enchanted Rock
8:00 AM08:00

2nd Annual Spring Hike to Enchanted Rock

Join Ash Willow For a day out of the yoga studio and inside of nature at one of Texas' most beautiful spots. We will hike up Enchanted Rock and plant our seeds for Spring. Shed our layers of winter, and get ready for the new season together. 

ONLY $10 WGHY Members 

$15 Non- WGHY Members 

Bring a light snack, comfortable clothes and shoes, camera, binoculars. 

We will carpool to Enchanted Rock. Approximitely 2 hours. 

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Kid's Yoga Workshop with Michele Snyder
to Mar 4

Kid's Yoga Workshop with Michele Snyder

Join Kid's Yoga Teacher Michele Snyder for a 6 week workshop series exploring the basics of fundamental yoga for kids. We will cover and explore breathe work, asanas, and final savasana, as a means to help kids relieve stress, direct their energy and develop a yoga practice. 

Starting January 28th - March 4th     Every Saturday Morning

8:00am- 8:45am      3-6 year olds

8:45am- 9:30pm      7+ year olds 


This 6 week workshop series is FREE for WGHY Members. 

$50 for all 6 weeks for NON- WGHY Members. 

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Choose Your Challenge for Charity
to Mar 11

Choose Your Challenge for Charity

  • Willow Gardens Hot Yoga (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS



  1. a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
  2. something that by its nature or character serves as a call to contest, to battle, or special effort, etc.

Hello,  Ambitious Ones!

2016 is winding down to a close and, naturally, our thoughts are turning to the possibilities of the New Year.  To get 2017 started off on the right foot, our “Choose Your Challenge for Charity” begins Jan 1st.  We’ll have two classes on New Year’s Day to help you slough off whatever you did the night (or week, or month, or year … ) before: 10am and 3pm.    

This year our “New Year’s Choose Your Challenge for Charity” is going to benefit The Connection Church’s missions outreach programs in Guatemala, Haiti, and Hays County, along with the “Run for the love of it 5K Fun Run/Walk and Kid’s Dash" on February 11th. 

That’s right, your Yoga challenge is going to benefit the global missions outreach through the Connection Church which is locally here in Buda.

Choose Your Challenge:

Option 1: Complete 20 Yoga Classes at WGHY within 25 days.

$35 : WGHY Members

$135: Non-WGHY Members

What you receive: Receive unlimited Yoga to WGHY for 25 days, a spot entered into the Fun Run/Walk 5k on Feb. 11th, (a community event),  A tee-shirt with WGHY logo on it, a new body and a new mind.  

Proceeds benefit Missions in Guatemala, Haiti and locally in Hays county.

Option 2: Complete 30 Yoga Classes at WGHY within 35 days.

$40: WGHY Members

$140: Non-WGHY Members

What you receive: Receive unlimited Yoga to WGHY for 35 days, a spot entered into the Fun Run/Walk 5K on Feb. 11th (a community event),  A tee-shirt with WGHY logo on it, a new body and a new mind.  

Proceeds benefit Missions in Guatemala, Haiti and locally in Hays county.

Option 3: THE BIG DADDY! Complete 60 Yoga classes within 65 days.

$65: WGHY Members

$165: Non- WGHY Members

What you receive: Receive unlimited Yoga to WGHY for 65 days, a spot entered into the Fun Run/Walk 5K on Saturday Feb. 11th (a community event),  a tee-shirt with WGHY logo on it, a new body and new mind.

Proceeds benefit Missions in Guatemala, Haiti and locally in Hays county.

To help you cover the cost, have someone sponsor you and your challenge. You will be entered to walk or run the “Run for the love of it Fun Run/Walk 5K and Kid’s Dash” event held on Sat. Feb. 11th. A community event at the Connection Church where we, as a WGHY community, will go run or walk with the Connection Church benefiting the missions locally and globally.

~Jump start your NEW YEARS and 2017 by giving back to the community, to global missions, and to yourself.  Join us, as we do yoga, and walk/run for the love of it.~

The benefits alone you’ll get from a daily yoga practice are reason enough to rise up to the challenge. How does better skin, looser jeans and endless energy sound? Pretty good, right? Have you heard it takes 21 days to create a new habit? Did you know yoga is meant to be a daily practice? The Willow Gardens’ “Choose your Challenge for Charity” is the perfect time to solidify your 2017 health and happiness resolutions. Giving back to yourself and to the community locally and globally. Having a support system of like-minded folks bent on bettering themselves, their bodies and their minds can make the difference between starting a challenge and finishing one. Never underestimate the power of yoga buddies and accountability. There is strength in numbers, and we want you on our team.

You can begin your challenge any time between January 1st and 5th. You can keep it super simple, pick your challenge, and complete the number of classes within the number of days. All yoga classes must be completed at Willow Gardens Hot Yoga studio in Buda, Texas.

It doesn’t matter which type of yoga class you take, just that you commit to getting on your mat at Willow Gardens every day for 20, 30 or 60 days. Winter chill got you shivering? Take a Hot 26. Want to go over the fundamentals of alignment? Take the Basics class. A little sore from that Ashtanga class? Take the Vin/Yin class. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. And it will be doable. The challenge is always, well, a challenge, but the variety of class options make it a little easier. We believe in you!!

Here’s to a healthy, happy, strong and flexible New Year!


Ash Willow and Team

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Warrior's & Wine
5:30 PM17:30

Warrior's & Wine

Happy Holidays from us at Buda Mill & Grain

Join Ash Willow from Willow Gardens Hot Yoga for a Vinyasa Flow class focusing on all of the Warrior poses. We will warm up and work our way up to Warrior 3, mastering each pose with our breathe one pose at a time. 

Followed by a complimentary glass of Wine at Nate's Coffee and Cocktails. 

ONLY $20 for class and a drink ticket for any glass of wine on the menu. 


No better way to jump start the holiday's than with Yoga & Wine. 


Join us. Spots limited to 50 students 

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Blue Santa Guided Meditation w/ Ash
10:00 AM10:00

Blue Santa Guided Meditation w/ Ash

PLEASE arrive 15 minutes EARLY to get seated.

The holidaze are in full force and by now our anxiety and stress levels are high.

Take an hour out of your day on Thursday, Dec. 15th at 10am to join us on the floor at Willow Gardens Yoga in Buda for a guided meditation class.

Ash has generously donating her time and space to teach us a little bit about mediation and how we can reduce our stress and anxiety.

This event is a BENEFIT for Buda Police Department's BLUE SANTA program. This program provides Christmas gifts for LOCAL Buda children identified by their school counselors. 

Please bring $5 or $10 .. or however much you can and drop it in the BLUE SANTA donation can. If you can't afford to give, please just come join us for an hour of peace.

If you have a Yoga mat, bring it.
Wear comfortable clothes you don't mind sitting in for an hour.
After about 45 minutes of guided meditation, Ash will guide us with 15 minutes of stretching to get us back into the swing of the day.

This is NOT a Yoga class. This is a guided meditation class. EVERYONE is welcome. PLEASE RSVP.

More about Willow Gardens:

Questions? email me at:

Attendance is limited to 50 people.

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8:15 PM20:15


Join us For Buda's First Thursday with Special Guest and Buti Yoga. 

Buti Yoga is a Fun, exhilarating, upbeat yoga class where you can let loose and be FREE. 

Added FUN, Black lights, and Glow N Dark. 

ONLY $10 for Non-Members

$5 for Members 

Dress up in glow in the dark yoga clothes, and lets paint Buda's first Thursday NEON and Dance Buti Yoga style.  


bring your mates and bring your friends 



Space limited to 50 participants 

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12:00 PM12:00


#shopLocal Is a great way for you to buy your loved ones gifts for the holiday season and a great way to support local businesses. #shoplocal Saturday is Nov. 26th!!!! 

We will have a "New Year Newbie" Holiday raffle for your chance to WIN a 1 year unlimited Yoga Pass for your family or friends. 


Up until December 20th, you can buy tickets for the

Willow Gardens New Year Newbie Holiday Raffle

Enter to win the best gift you can give someone you love -

the gift of a strong body, clear mind and light heart


For just $20 bucks, you get a raffle ticket good for a single class card and one entry into the   


New Year Newbie

Yearly Unlimited Yoga Prize* Raffle

We will also be giving away a gift set from "Skin Foodies" & a piece of Jewelry from "Totem" 


The class card can be used by anyone, but the raffle prize must be a gift for a friend, co-worker or any loved one who you think could use a little (or a lot) of yoga in their life and who has never tried a class at Willow Gardens. Any first time student can buy a ticket and get signed up to win! If you’ve never been here yourself, drop a hint to Santa and get entered in the raffle.




You can buy tickets at our Holiday Bazaar on November 26th, or at the studio. You’ll have up until December 20th to choose whose name you want to put in the hat for the grand prize of ONE FULL YEAR OF UNLIMITED YOGA!


Does your spouse constantly complain about a bum knee? Is your boss miserable because of a bad back? Do you worry about your father’s heart health or your mother’s aging bones? Is someone you love struggling to overcome an addiction? Yoga has been proved to help all of these things ... and more!.




It’s not easy, but yoga works. You know it yourself if you’ve practiced long enough. But since most people would rather just take a pill than break a sweat, it’s natural for folks to be resistant to trying yoga. Wanna know the truth? A lot of people are scared to get on a mat in a room full of people. But encourage your friends and family to give it a try, anyway. Tell them about the benefits you’ve received. Reassure them that nobody in the room will be watching them - they will too focused on healing themselves! Who in your life could benefit from yoga? Buy a ticket for your friend who keeps saying he wants to get healthier but doesn’t seem to know how to do it. Buy a ticket for the friend you’d nominate for “Yogi you thought least likely to get on a mat.” For $2 more than the price of a single yoga class, you could change a friend’s life for the better.



We are so passionate about sharing yoga that we’ll add in a special deal for our ultra-committed regular students who want to give the gift of health this season. Are you purchasing this year’s amazing special on a discounted yearly package for yourself? If so, the cost will drop every time you buy a raffle ticket for a friend.


    Buy 1 raffle ticket, receive an additional $10 off a yearly package

    Buy 3 raffle tickets, receive an additional $25 off a yearly package

    Buy 5 raffle tickets, receive an additional $50 off a yearly package


Happy New Year from Willow Gardens - Here’s to kicking off 2017 with generosity, strength and flexibility!




*First timers only, Non transferable.



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3:00 PM15:00


Join us as a local community during this sensitive time for our Nation. We will meditate together as a community and connect as a whole nation. 





Normal classes to follow. Guided meditation in each class. 




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Pregnancy Series with Val
to Nov 27

Pregnancy Series with Val

  • Willow Gardens Hot Yoga (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

How to Adjust your Yoga Practice during Pregnancy

We will safely access poses to help you through your pregnancy. 


All participants must be 15 weeks pregnant

$100 for all 6 weeks (includes one partner class0 

Optional Course Material $25 

Sundays: 4:45pm -6:15pm 


We will take off Nov. 27th for Thanksgiving. 

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Bikram Balancing Act W/ Ash Willow
12:00 PM12:00

Bikram Balancing Act W/ Ash Willow

Join Ash for an afternoon discussion and Bikram balancing practice. We will uncover the secret behind a "locked knee, " and learn how to balance on one leg for longer periods of time. We will go over Standing Head to Knee, Standing Bow Pose, Balancing Stick, Tree Pose and Toe Stand. 

Members: FREE 


Non- Members: $35


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Back 2 School Kids Yoga Adventure
to Oct 8

Back 2 School Kids Yoga Adventure

Join Willow Gardens Hot Yoga and Jean Aldridge every Saturday morning starting Sept. 3rd for a Kid's Yoga Adventure. 

7-11 year olds 8:15AM -8:45AM 

3-6 year olds 8:55AM-9:15AM 

Parents are welcome to join the fun. 


ONLY $7 to drop-in for NON- Members

Or  $30 for all 6 weeks for Non- members 

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Bikram Teacher and BeneFit Bikram Owner : Nora Jeanne Welsh
10:00 AM10:00

Bikram Teacher and BeneFit Bikram Owner : Nora Jeanne Welsh

Willow Gardens Hot Yoga Welcomes: Nora Jeanne Welsh leading 10am Bikram Yoga Class (normal rates apply) 

Followed by a Vision Workshop

You will Learn: 

1: Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.

2:  A 5 point test for determining whether your dream is right for you. 

3: Simple thinking strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry

4: What wealthy people do that creates and sustains success.  


Bring an open heart and mind and a journal! 

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Ashtanga Skills W/ Megan Walker
to Aug 28

Ashtanga Skills W/ Megan Walker

  • Willow Gardens Hot Yoga (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join Megan Walker from Austin for a 6 Week fundamental skills course of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. You will learn powerful, versatile asana techniques drawn from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system that will safely and effectively enhance your yoga practice. 

1) Breathe, Bandhas, and Surya Namskara

2) Forward Bending 

3) Twisting

4) Jumping Back/ Jumping Through

5) Back bending


$90 Members 

$100 Non-WGHY Members 

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