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Dragonfly Thai Presents: Root, Ground, Center, Rise

  • Willow Gardens Hot Yoga 302 S. Main Street, Suite 103 Buda, Texas 78610 USA (map)

On Earth Day, 4/22/2017 we will come together as a community to celebrate Connection, creativity & collaboration. Dragonfly Thai Presents: Root, Ground, Center, Rise: a time for playful partner yoga, Therapeutic AcroYoga, Thai Massage, Partner Meditation, and Guided Tonglen Music Meditation. 



$25 Members 

$35 Non- Members 


Limited spots available. We will partner up, or bring your partner, family or friends. All levels Welcome. 


$40 at the door, anyone. (if there is space) 


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Partner Yoga is an exploration of "the language before words" where we get curious about how good touch and the combination of surrender (allowing) and resistance (engagement) can create an interplay that improves our understanding of poses, the somatic intelligence of our own bodies, and the accelerated learning that happens when we work together.



Play is divine.  Neuro-biology, social-psychology, and somatic therapies have just started asking some really important questions about the ways we are wired for connection and adaptability.  We'll investigate topics related to how we connect, play, and interact that drive our mood, affect, and experience.  An embodied, playful practice is good medicine.  We'll investigate contact and get curious about:

* What does support look like?

* What kind of connection?

* How does my "no" make my "yes" better?

* What is good touch?

* How does Partner work inform the Practice?

* How do these elements of traditional yoga change when engaging w/ a partner? * And how does this translate into my life and the way I relate?


All levels welcome.  This is a great way to allow partners, couples, friends and families to engage that supports beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.


Here's to Us!


Elements: All-levels welcome.  Asana (Partner Poses), Pranayama (Partner Breath Work), Pratyahara (Sense Perception) Dharana (Single Pointed Concentration), Dhyana (Partner Meditation)



Learning to Ground & Center Yourself Before Engaging

Partner Yoga Poses for Activating Deep Body Intelligence

AcroYoga Therapeutics (Safety, Stacking, Communication, Poses, Play)

Thai Massage (Basics & Sequencing)

Tuning In to Natural (Embodied) Intuition through Partner Yoga Practices

TongLen (Giving & Receiving) Meditation

Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation


Elements: All-levels welcome.  Asana (Partner Poses), Pranayama (Partner Breath Work), Pratyahara (Sense Perception) Dharana (Single Pointed Concentration), Dhyana (Partner Meditation)


Related References

This offering is great for teachers, bodyworkers, healers, and those who want to deepen their yoga practice as well.  For reference, the following topics will be addressed through presentation, discussion, handouts, and references.

- Drishti (Attention, Point of Focus)

- Mauna (Silence, Cultivating Presence)

- Aparigraha (non-clutching, holding the butterfly lightly, allowing, grace)

- A-himsa (non-harming, self, others)

- Satya (truth-telling, self, others) - Satyagraha **

- Metta (loving-kindness)

- Mudra (wisdom & compassion)

- Sobet (Eye Gazing)

- Chakras for Partner Work

- Heart Palms

- Third Eye Butterfly

- Vissudha (Third Ear)

- Hridaye citta samvit (The Cave of the Heart)

- Tonglen (Giving & Receiving)

Earlier Event: April 8
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