Ashley Chandler/ Ash Willow: owner/Creator

I found yoga when I first moved to the hill country 13 years ago while attending University at Texas State. Little did I know then, this would lead me on such a rewarding and fruitful path.  I was intrigued by Indian Philosophy and Eastern medicine. After graduating, the door was opened to Bikram Yoga.

My Bikram practice was very different from anything else I had done before. The heat, sweat, and daily cleanse opened my body and mind up to the unlimited possibilities. I felt better after every class. The more I practiced, the more I began to really love and understand what the yoga path is all about; patience, humility, discipline, persistence, consistency, practice and a lot of self love. I found myself at Bikram’s Yoga College of India Teacher Training in spring 2009.  Since then, I have acquired thousands of hours teaching as well as hands on practical experience. I have grown my understanding within the practice, by traveling around the world and working with well renowned yogi’s in Texas, California, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines & Singapore. Traveling was not only a time for me to really grow my yoga practice, but it was a time of healing, transformation, and self- reflecting. 

After my travels, I opened myself up to other methods of yoga. Each one offering my practice something different, and each one being very beneficial to me. I have trained, traveled and taught with great yogi’s around the world. I am so happy to be home, back in the hill country, sharing the greatest passion in my life, Yoga.  It is my intention to offer you a variety of styles. My hope is that you find a solid practice, and grow with us each and every day. 


“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Rafael Mujica- Teacher

Rafael began his yoga journey in 2015 after returning from his second combat deployment to Afghanistan. After witnessing first-hand how yoga can heal the body and mind, he delved head first into yoga teaching training at Camp Utopia. He discovered his body’s potential, mental tenacity, and authentic self at the end of his RYT200, and received his 300-Hour teacher certification in 2017.

As yoga is for everybody, so too are all of Rafael’s classes accessible to every body. Rafael teaches a strength based Hath flow intended to make a stronger human being. You will become familiar with the inner workings of your very own body, find mental fortitude, and walk away accomplished. When not teaching, you can find Rafael with his beautiful dog at the river, working out, or enjoying the finest tacos.


Christine de la torre- teacher 

Christine began her journey with yoga when she was in high school, practicing Bikram. As Christine went on to college she lost her practice, but when she moved to Austin in 2011 she found her practice again and has not stopped since. She completed her 200 hour RYT certified training with Black Swan Yoga and is now a proud Buda resident.

Christine’s teaching philosophy is centered around making yoga accessible for all by focusing on having fun and offering modifications throughout class. Christine hopes to share her love of yoga with each of her students. Off her mat, you can find Christine cooking, crafting malas, and getting outside with her dog.


Raelynn is a Hatha certified yoga teacher, with Vinyasa and Ashtanga training, and a biology professor of 11 years. As a former athlete, her practice centers on power, alignment, and the mind-body connection. She began practicing yoga seriously nearly 10 years ago as she transitioned from running and weight training. She has been a serious yoga practicer since. She received her 200 hour training from Black Swan Yoga. 

For Raelynn, yoga has been a transformative experience and helps her maintain positivity, emotional balance, strength, flexibility and creativity in her life. A native of Eastern Kentucky, and resident of Buda, she holds a PhD in Biology. She integrates yoga into her college classrooms at St. Edward's University, where she teaches Human Anatomy, Nutrition, Vertebrate Biology, and Evolutionary Biology. Her motto is to live life to its fullest, while trying to maintain balance and overall health (through diet, exercise and meditation). 

She believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone and works within the community to make this possible.