Hot 26

90 minutes

The original hot hatha yoga method, of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room.  This system is specifically designed to heal the body from the inside out. Targeted to heal common and chronic conditions throughout the spine and central nervous system, as well as connect mind, body and spirit together. (99*-100* degrees) 

Level I & II 

Vinyasa "Flow" Yoga

75 Minutes/ 60 Minutes

 A hatha flow class designed by the teacher with each of their training.  You will find something different in each class, giving you options to start or advance your yoga practice.  A class designed to match yoga poses with the breath.  We will focus on the breath with the movement to increase focus, strength, balance and flexibility. Performed in a warm room. (88-92 degrees) 

Level I & II 

Power Flow: Our intermediate - Advanced yoga class offering you options to advance your practice. We will explore more challenging postures, as well as work on breath and body awareness. Advised to have a 6 month regular yoga practice to participate. 

Level III 



Level : I 

A slow moving yoga class designed to target the deep tissues in the body, joints, ligaments, and fascia. Expect a more meditative experience as we slow things down and turn in to restore and heal. Performed in a warm room. (82 degrees) 

Hot Fusion


Level I & II 

Our Newest class starting April 2nd. Join the team as we Merge Hot 26 and Vinyasa Flow together. You will get a taste of flow yoga as well as the 26 & 2 hot yoga postures. Performed in a warm room, 92-95 degrees. Expect to sweat, work hard, build upper body strength, work on balance and stability, spine strength, and breathing techniques. 


Class Levels : 

Level I: For beginners. New to yoga. Have never done yoga before. 

Level II: For yogi's with a little more experience. You have done over 15 yoga classes in your life. 

Level III: For more intermediate to advanced yogi's. Yogi's who have been practicing daily for a minimum of 6 months. You will find more intermediate and advanced yoga poses inside of class. 


All classes are given a shavasana, please stay until the end of shavasana. 


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