Here's what the students are saying...... 



Michelle & Belle key

Through my practice of yoga at Willow Gardens Hot Yoga Studio, I learned to develop a beautiful mental insight, the setting of an “intention”. This mindset of setting an “intention” has opened a door for me that I did not know existed. The “intention” invites and encourages me to focus on something specific during my time on the mat practicing yoga in order that I may receive the most life changing physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits.  - Michelle Key

My personal practice of yoga has healed my sciatica, but getting on the mat daily has done more for me than to simply provide physical benefits. Throughout this lifelong journey, I am learning the importance of being mentally, emotionally and spiritually present in every situation.-- Belle Key


Sara Wersinger

I began my journey in January of this year. Having endured the loss of my mother last year I felt I had to focus on taking more care of myself. My first class was Bikram and I was hooked. The instructors have knowledge and experience to teach and I appreciate what I am learning. I enjoy sharing space and energy with other yogis, we are a community. What Yoga has given me; body flexibility, physical strength, discipline, confidence, mental endurance, emotional health, patience, and peace. I have always believed one has to love oneself before one can love others. 

This journey has been life changing and is my natural medicine. 



Claudia Sand

I started Bikram Yoga one year ago after a long time of suffering from back pain, and I now feel completely renewed. When I started I was not sure if I could deal with the heat during the Bikram class and if I would be strong enough mentally and physically.  What can I say... one year of continuous practicing Bikram Yoga, it has changed me in a positive way. Bikram Yoga gives me energy, strength, stability and stress relief and my back pain is gone. I love the cleansing detoxing process, the fitness and the meditation. I enjoy going to every Bikram class, even if it`s always hard work, but after every class I feel better than before.

Yoga just makes me happy! 



Stacy Clayton

I love Willow Gardens Hot Yoga! I turned to yoga after 4 unsuccessful knee surgeries. My knee has recovered and I am stronger than I have ever been. I love the different kinds of yoga offered and love the sense of community that has been formed at Willow Gardens. Doing yoga regularly has done a lot more than just help me physically-it is a good practice for mind, body and soul! 



Hal Skaggs 

Willow Gardens Hot Yoga has changed my life.  Bikram Yoga and Ash, my teacher are helping me with a lifetime of injuries to become more flexible and stronger from the inside out.  I have struggled with weight, strength and flexibility for years.   I am 51 and diabetic.   I called and talked to Ash and she answered my questions, explained about the “hot” and how Bikram yoga was beginner friendly.

The changes I have seen: First, physically. This is a work out. This is as hard as any workout I have ever done.  I am under instruction, with a leader, helper, and coach. I can bend, and I am starting to balance on one foot.  My heart and lungs are clear from working hard; and I am starting to correct a lifetime of imbalance and the modifications I took to adjust, rather than correct the injuries and physical limitations. Additionally, I am more aware of how my body works more than ever before.

Second, medically. I am diabetic, with a few other long term issues. Everything is better, EVERYTHING. My insulin dosage has been cut at least in half and all the old man stuff, indigestion, joint stiffness, even my vision is a little better. I started really practicing for the last couple months and I could not be more excited to see what else will get better!

Third, community. I find myself quite at home in the yoga studio. In fact, I find the peaceful feeling quite soothing. I have found the people to be of the best character, kind and giving. We form bonds, sweating and working together, giving and receiving energy. When an entire room is in sync, reinforcing each other, there are some special moments. Don’t be afraid to feel it, to breathe it in. And everyone is welcome, just join in and do the best you can do.

 In February, I will be starting my second year, so all these changes are within a year, and especially during and after the 30 day challenge in September. I decided to invest in myself and am just amazed at the results.

Jessica Nagy

I have practiced yoga on and off for the last 10 years. More off than on due to the fact there was not a local studio until Willow Gardens Opened their doors in Buda. It has helped me during some of the most difficult times in my life.  Without the studio I would not have been able to make it through my companies lay-offs. I feel blessed to be surrounded by strong, committed practitioners who share encouragement and compassion. I am truly grateful for this wonderful community and grateful for the practice of yoga. I am healthier today because of yoga.